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Article: How to organise your wardrobe PT 1

How to organise your wardrobe PT 1

How to organise your wardrobe PT 1

Summer is coming – which means we are going to flood the high street in search of clothes befitting of the new season.

With new clothes comes the need to make new space in our wardrobes – so here are the 5 stages I go through to reorganise my wardrobe and make space for new summer 2023 fashionables.


  1. Trimming down

This is a tough one, but it has to be done.

I rummage through my wardrobe and take out what I haven’t worn for the past 2/3+ years and sort them in 3 piles.

First pile are clothes that don’t fit anymore – Yes, this is hard because we often hold hope that we will one day fit back into them, but let’s face it, our style changes all the time and by the time we get to the size where we can finally slip back into those clothes, global and personal trends would have changed.

Besides, I always think it’ more motivational to think of all the new clothes I can buy once I shed those pounds and slender back to my old size.

 What’s more important is embracing ourselves as we are now. Love our new curvaceous features and adorn them with beautiful clothes that make us feel good and look great! Why bother living in the past when the present you is way better! Holding on to the outfit bought for our former selves is probably unhealthy and doesn’t help us love who we are and where we are in the here and now. So, I say, pass it down – pass down the clothes to your friend, sister, daughter, cousin, whoever can add new memories for our pre sized clothes.

The second pile is for clothes that are damaged, torn or stained. I have quite a few choice favourite jumpers, t-shirts and joggers that I adore. They’re so lived in that wearing them feels like slipping into my skin. I’ve worn the life out of them and have on a few occasions dropped a splodge of something that won’t for the life of me wash off. But you know what – who cares, I don’t. I still love it and will probably wear it till my dying day. Now really– should those items be taking place in our lives anymore? Some of you may argue YES! But I implore you – recycle and go buy some new clothes. Even though we don’t see it – we look an absolute mess in them. With mine, I know I’m stepping into bum territory.

How we look on the outside often is the embodiment of how we feel on the inside, right? Following that philosophy are we showing ourselves and the world our self-worth when we step out with such clothing? Those old clothes don’t represent the new us. Every day is an opportunity to reinvent ourselves, and in doing so I say it’s time to step out of our comfort zone.

The 3rd pile is for charity. I’ve always stood by the wise words of “sharing is caring”.

There are a number of outfits that I’ve bought but never worn, likely because I have yet to attended an occasion suitable for their flair. There are also some I’ve worn once and adore from the distance of my wardrobe. Many of my clothes are in great condition, but do not get the usage they deserve. A lot of us horde clothes that are likely beneficial to someone less fortunate. To this, I say bag it up, wash it down and pass it on. Your local charity shop will be very grateful.


Whilst I work on these 3 stages of step one, I'll give steps 2- 5 on Thursday (13.04.23). Keep it locked on here for the last few steps. 



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