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Welcome back!

If you have not read the first part of this blog, here's the link. If you have, then lets dive back in...

2. Once I’ve passed the shedding stage, I tend to fool myself into thinking this is the extent of my self-inflected intervention. But no. There’s more…

Over time I tend to accumulate clothes but not have enough hangers for my new drapes, so, for fear of having missed match hangers, I now get to do one of my favourite stress relievers…SHOP!  I like things to look uniform, orderly, and symmetrical with the ash grey and mellow yellow of my bedroom walls, so the modern grey hangers by DECASSA are a perfect fit. Plus they’re strong enough to hold my heaviest garment and the notches will secure my strappy dresses in place.

 3. Now that I have my new DECASSA hangers, I’m fully equipped for my mission.

Here’s the next tricky bit – deciding whether to organise by colour, type or occasion.

What do you reckon?

I think I’ll go for occasion. Starting with my work clothes at the front, for quick and easy access on those mad dash mornings. Then I’ll go by clothes type; so, I can create a system that makes finding pieces that suit together easier. Within both of those categories, I’ll sort my attire in order of colour. Kill all 3 birds with one stone (no birds were stoned in the writing of this blog post).

 4. Here is my second to last step. I like my wardrobe to feel clean and breath in the fresh scent of laundry detergent and the cool breeze and fresh cut grass smell that’s embedded into my clothes after they’ve been hung out to dry after their spinning session in the washing machine. To help keep this scent, I clear out my wardrobe entirely – that’s right, including the bag and hat shelving; and give the space a good clean. I wipe down the shelving, clean the rods and give the whole area a good vacuum.

 5. Now that the wardrobe is spik and span, I have the perfect hangers for the job, and I now know that I’m only storing the things I’m ACTUALLY going to wear, and I’ve gotten rid of the ones that quite frankly I’ve held on to longer than I should of… The final stage of this process can commence. The re-handing of my clothes can begin. One by one I can arrange and rearrange then re re arrange my clothes as planned out in step 3.

Wish me luck.

Keep an eye on our socials to see how my organising has gone – I’ll post a picture on there when I’m done.


Happy organising! Ciao for now.


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