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Article: Happy Mother's Day from DECASSA

Happy Mother's Day from DECASSA

Happy Mother's Day from DECASSA

Mothers' Day is one of those days that excite and frustrate me simultaneously.

Excite because I get to be pampered by my kids and who doesn’t want a day of pampering.

Frustration because I can never think of that one thing that could come close to showing my mum how much she means to me in just one day.

A trinket here and there had been sufficient when I was young, but now, now as a mum, I want my gift to her to have more meaning and leave a lasting effect.

I was on Instagram about 30 minutes before I started writing this and I came across a lifestyle and interior designer called onceupona1912; a particular post of hers actually made my eyes glisten. It was one of her unveilings to her mum the DIY makeover she had done to her house. The transitions from dull to bright contemporary greens, from carpeted shadowed stairs to bright and airy wooden cases; the dragging shower drapes to a beautifully fitted bathroom featuring one of the most glamourous mountain pieces I have ever seen adorn a wall. All this as she captured the look of gratitude and awe on her mother’s face filled me with pride. I was proud of her what she was able to achieve for her mother and proud of how graceful their relationship was depicted.

It got me thinking…. gifts are easily put away, used once and discarded, experienced and shelved into a distant memory or giggles of yesteryear. That video also resonated with me because I too know what it would mean for my mum to have her space transformed into her own piece of tranquillity. Discarded of all the clutter and organised into a breathable, more palatable living space of her self-expression.

Her bedroom is probably the part of the house she habits the most. What if I could transform her sleeping space into her living space. Swap the chipped old Chester drawers which she clutters all her beauty products, for navy blue curved legged makeup table and a custom fitted lit mirror, a matching bow backed chair and clear make-up and accessory holders.

I’ll need to dismantle the oak Argos wardrobe she’s had since I was 12 and fashioned an open doored navy wardrobe that I’ve seen at my local furniture shop. I know it would be perfect because I’ve seen my mum lusting after a similar one in IKEA. It’s not a large wardrobe, but in its crevice are a set of deep draws to organise her knickknacks. Her room is not the most forthcoming with space; her walls do not stretch far enough to design all that I want for her, and short of buying her a new house, I will have to start small, much smaller – so this is a great place to begin.

This new wardrobe will have to house her 56 years of fashion dos and don'ts, oh hells no’s and yaaasss girls. It just so happens that the velvet hangers from DECASSA do just that, they are designed with space saving in mind. They are streamlined so I can fit all of my mum’s “unique sense of style” in a space where she can admire her fashionable collectables without tucking any parts of them under the bed or in the loft space, never to caress her body again. The hangers are made with a high-quality velvet so even the smallest of her room features will composite the sleek, stylish, and glamorous look that I’m going for. Plus, there is the added bonus of knowing that once I’ve set the scene, she will be able to easily follow suit and keep her bedroom organised, because the pack of hangers come in abundance.

It's not the full house makeover that inspired me, but it’s a start. It’s a start of the beginning of many Mothers' Day mini makeovers to come.

What are you doing to make a lasting impression this Mothers' Day?

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