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Article: DECASSA Introduction piece

DECASSA Introduction piece

DECASSA Introduction piece

The Idea behind DECASSA

Since the pandemic we have collectively spent more time in our homes than ever before. For many of us our home was a place we store our belongings, ate, and slept, rinse and repeat. Now we have been forced to be in our own space, we find that we want it to serve more of a purpose for us. We want it to be our sanctuary, an extension of ourselves. We want our space to imitate, a representation of us. We’re constantly evolving and with that our surroundings must evolve with us.

When we look for inspiration or a visual/tangible glimpse of what that is, we start to seek how to manifest it into 4 walls. Once the design is imprinted into our heads, we go on the hunt for that which resembles as much of our vision as possible.

I don’t know about you, but I hate the endless rabbit hole that is online shopping; the disappointment of tracking down to the local home store and not finding anything that speaks to me; having to compromise style and functionality.

This is the idea behind DECASSA. We want to inspire people to bring out their aspirations and make their living space an extension of themselves. More importantly, we wanted a way to make it easier for people to find what inspires them by bringing the inspiration to life and making it a tangible reality.

We wanted to create that experience and that’s what we’re doing with DECASSA.

We’re just starting out and already we are excited with where we are, which is why we beckon you to come on this important journey of growth with us.

Our website will be offering ‘theme’. In those themes will be a consistent colour schemes and or prints of furniture, accessories, and products you can buy to achieve the ‘look’ in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, home office and garden designs.

 Our Vision for the (not so distant) future

Our motivation is to create the perfect home for the modern, abstract, and contemporary homebody.

To offer you yourself. Have you feel seen and your dream home décor obtainable.

We want to do this by forever expanding our product range to suit as many peoples tastes and styles as possible.

Our Pledge to you

Our promise to you is to keep you ahead of the trends by sourcing new ideas to enhance your lifestyle and living space through carefully selective products and services.

We will also expand on the designs and keep you in the loop through our regular blogs, so you know you’ll always have what they need through us.


Welcome to the DECASSA experience.

Live your inspiration.


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