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Article: Ást To Hangers

Ást To Hangers
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Ást To Hangers


The Velvet hangers from DECASSA not only offer the basic functions one would expect form a mundane tool such as a hanger, but it does so with a difference. It’s safe to say these hangers are the beginning of a line of fashionable, elegant, modern and practical line-up of decorative home must-haves that will come out of the DECASSA’s line, now and in years to come.

It’s interesting they have chosen to start their line with Hangers, but then again not, because hangers are an essential item for any and all forms of storage solutions.

I like it when a designer has put a lot of practical yet fashionable thoughts into their designs and DECASSA has! The hangers are soft to touch, which means my clothes will glade over them effortlessly and I don’t have to worry about my silk favs getting snags in the fabric.

It’s amazing when you think about just how much goes into a humble item like a hanger… but think about it, they hold some of the most precious things to us, our fashionables. Those unique parts of our personality, our collated pieces of expression. The ones we have warn to shreds but could never throw away, the ones we’ve warn once and cherish way too much to risk spilling on; (I call those the admirable, because they’re just there to lust over never to be worn again) our unique finds in Brixton market that we still feel lucky chose us because there was only one left and thankfully just happened to be our size; oh and we can’t forget that dress we saved for months to wear to that party we just had to stand out in and girl, did we slay it.

I think it’s safe to say hangers are arms that we put a lot of our baggage on, literally, (my DECASSA hanger holds my favourite furry bag).

Hangers play an important and underrated part of our wardrobe.

So here it is, my shout out to hanger. To the ones that hold us up, to the wire hanger our mums used to chase and threaten a whoop-ass with, …to the cheap amazon ones that snapped at the touch of a scarf; which is why we should be appreciative when we find one that can actually (for want of a better word), ‘hang’ on to.

Hangers come and go, but DECASSA ones, the DECASSA ones you can hang on to. (See what I did there?).


Click on the image to view the infamous DECASSA hanger


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