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Premium Velvet Hangers Non Slip Flocked Pack of 30 Black

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Our velvet hangers are specially designed to streamline your wardrobe:

  • Size: 44cm (length), 23cm (height), 0,5cm (width)

  • Strong and durable structure for heavy coasts

  • 360 swivel head

  • Streamline space saver

  • Notches for straps and hoops

  • High quality soft faux velvet to protect clothes fabric

  • Curved structure for clothes structure

  • Ample storage solution

  • Ideal for all clothes storage needs

  • Also suitable for belts, scarves, clothes accessories

  • Stylist modern design to suit your bedroom décor

  • Non-slip design. Hang your clothes on once and it stays hung neatly

Our hangers are STRONG! They’ve passed our test. We hung a full tux and evening coat on them, and they didn’t falter.

We have put practical elements into our design to offer you a solution we seek for ourselves.

Starting with the structure of the hanger – we have created a strong hanger that will securely hold and display your heaviest winter coat. Tried and tested with our ski coats at home.

Next, we’ve considered the feel of the hangers – our velvet is soft to the touch and will glide over your clothes without damaging the fabric or snagging the material.

We’ve also included some notches for extra security of those straps and loops on dresses, jumpers, jackets etc.

Our hooks can rotate 360, so it’s quick and easy for you to hang your clothes and hook them on your wardrobe railing without the fuss of which side to put it on and creating a neat format to your wardrobe.

What’s more, we’ve even thought of how you will hold your accessories, funky ties or even a fashionable scarf or two. Our hangers not only adds additional storage solution, but also keep all the addons of your outfit together.

If you have an outfit that comes with a belt and scarf to match, with our hangers you can hang the entire outfit together so it’s ready to go when you are.


Premium Velvet Hangers Non Slip Flocked Pack of 30 Black
Premium Velvet Hangers Non Slip Flocked Pack of 30 Black Sale price£19.90

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