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Article: Types of hangers

Types of hangers

Types of hangers

In many ways, the humble household hanger has had its evolution alongside our own societal developments and needs.

As you can guess the ancestors of our hangers did not come in as many variants as we have today – but it’s not to say they didn’t have style. On the contrary – in fact there were 3 types.

The first was the wire hanger. Two simple loops of steel stretched to make a triangle shape with a turn at the top.

The second was fashioned out of wood, which simulated a more boomerang like shape with sanded down rounded edging – so as not to snag the fabric of clothes, and a metal hook escalading from the tip. You would usually find this wooden hanger feature a pole attached to the bottom from one end to the other; this made it multipurpose to hanger trousers, skirts, ties, and such.

And the third, and most popular among us modern folk is the plastic hanger, which is popular for children’s clothes due to its often-smaller size and fun vibrant colours.

So here’s the loaded question – the one you’ve been waiting for me to answer and probably why you’ve clicked on this article. You’re in luck because I’ve done some research and written about how hangers came into existence. If you haven’t already, check last week’s blog for the fascinating story of how we came to be blessed with ‘The Hanger’.


Moving on…here are some of my favourite types of hangers I’ve come across. Some of which we will (in the not-too-distant future) offer you, our awesome customers, and readers.

The satin hanger – commonly used to hang delicate fabrics like wedding dresses. Hanger manufactures found that by padding a straight-armed hanger and wrapping the padding with satin/silk, these soft to the touch materials protected clothes made with the same or similar fabrics. This allows the item of clothing to effortlessly glid over the hanger. The fabric is protected from friction, snags, and wrinkles and looks beautiful on display. These hangers tend to be on the pricier side.

In the polar opposite end, you have the caped hanger. These are cheap thin wire hangers commonly used by dry cleaners. They are thin, simple cheap and easy to produce, hence their low cost.


Then there is the wood hangers. Strong, large, and wide. These can be used for any type of clothing; however unlike many hangers, these types of hangers (much like our Velvet DECASSA hangers) are strong enough to hold very heavy items of clothes. Made of wood means they also come in various types of wood and colours.



The most recent evolution of hanger are probably the folding travel hangers. These fold in places to make them small enough to fit into your travel bags, so when you arrive at your destination you can hang up your holiday wares with ease. Our DECASSA hangers are designed to be space saving - they have been packed for holidays on a number of occasions – so if you want multi-functional and reliable hangers, look no further than our flag ship hangers.

There are hangers of all shapes and sizes, some with hooks, some with clips, some with holes so you can hang scarves, some that extend, some that have lumps and bumps and curves. Hangers come in as many varieties as humans do. This is why I find them so underappreciated. Nowadays hangers are being made with biodegradation in mind – so you will find great quality hanger that are also great for recycling. Or if you are waste conscious, go for long lasting and dependable DECASSA hangers, then you won’t ever need to replace your hangers.



What type of hangers do you use the most?

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